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Are you looking for a new pair of running shoes or a smashing little running outfit? Support your local running store. Not only will you get great advice you will also find the latest shoes. Most if not all of these stores offer discounts to HARRA members. What? Your not a member of HARRA? Well now, isn't this a good chance to become a member? Grab that credit card and come Right this way.

Finish Line Sports is down in Sugar Land. They've been around since 1985. Not only do they have running gear they carry swim gear too (remember those people with too much time?). They frequently have those "first timers triathlete clinics." They also have a running club with about 120 members.

Fleet Feet Sports Jim Braden started this franchise more than ten years ago in the Rice Village. He now has two additional stores. One in the Woodway Village and the other up on FM 1960. Knowledgeable staff are always a great help when those shoe manufactures decide to discontinue your favorite shoe and you are desperately looking for a replacement.

Luke's Locker This is the new, and big, kid in town. They opened on West Gray in May 2000 and have since added one in The Woodlands. Luke's has more than just running gear. They have swimming & Biking gear. If you're not looking for shoes just stop in and say "thanks for the Powerade." Luke's has been handing out Powerade & water at Memorial Park every Saturday.

On the Run, with locations in Clear Lake and Beaumont is owned and operated by Jay Lee who is also an active local race director. They will fill all your tri needs, including bikes.

Finish Strong is Houston's newest run shop. Their sales personnel are devoted to helping you get the right fit for whatever sport you're enjoying.

And The Rest of The Running World.......

Texas Runner & Triathlete This the first place to go when you are looking for your race results. Is Lance fast or what? There is loads of information from high school track and field to ultra distance running and triathlons and includes Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. For dedicated runners and triathletes, it offers detailed calendars, training tips, race results, state rankings, columns, features.

Runner's World Who hasn't read some part of Runner's World? You know what they have...Running....only their online magazine is even more up-to-date. No need to say anything about Runner's World as everybody knows them.

UltraRunnning OnLine UltraRunning is devoted to covering the sport of long distance running, also known as ultramarathoning, or, as we prefer, ultrarunning. How far is "a long distance"? The standard definition is anything past the marathon, or 26.2 miles. However, the shortest standard distance that is considered an ultra is the 50 kilometer distance, or 31.07 miles. Other standard distances are the 50 mile, 100 mile, 100 km, and a series of events that last for specified time periods such as 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour, and 6 days.

The Running Network Want to find a regional magazine? The Running Network is composed of several magazine members throughout the country. This is really great for locating a race or a contact when traveling. I often look here to find out the not so national stuff.

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